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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are teams required to have team insurance?
Yes, each team MUST provide us a copy of their certificate of insurance with Diamond Devils Baseball listed as an additional insured.
Are the tournaments wood bat?
Yes, all events are wood bat. Baum Bats and 100% wood bats are acceptable (no composite or bamboo).
Do we need to supply baseballs?
Each team provides 2 game balls to the umpire at the start of each game and resupplies during the game as needed. Umpires will return balls on hand to each team. Teams are expected to chase foul balls.
Do we need to supply rosters and/or birth certificates?
For showcase events we do not require them but we recommend that you have rosters on hand for scouts/college coaches. For World Series events rosters are required to be turned in prior to the start of play and cannot be changed once play begins. For WS no birth certificates are collected but must be presented if age is challenged.
How many games are guaranteed?
All showcase events are 4 game guarantee unless otherwise noted in the description (weather permitting). All World Series events are a minimum 5 game guarantee (weather permitting).
Is there a gate fee?
Yes, there will be a gate fee collected at each site. We provide day passes for weekend events (not per game). The passes are good at all sites for one day only. We offer tournament passes for week-long events. These passes are good for every game at every site for the duration of the tournament.
What are the pitching rules?
For Showcase events we expect coaches to monitor and protect their pitchers. We do not monitor pitch counts nor innings pitched. That is up to each team.
What is the rainout policy?
It is totally up to the individual sites if a field is considered playable. They have the final decision. Once the first games of a tournament begin there will be no refund of fees due to rain/inclement weather.
What sites do you utilize?
We use various top-quality college, high school and recreation fields in each area.
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


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